HL7 Training

Why HL7 Training?

An Institute of Medicine report claims that medical errors kill 44,000 to 98,000 patients each year  in hospitals of  just one country - The United States !

How do we reduce medical errors?

One of the answers is to use software applications in hospitals to help lower errors, sometimes dramatically. Regrettably, each hospital could have its own proprietary software which at most times, does not share patient details with another hospital. This means that details that could be lifesaving remain restricted to one hospital and are not available at another hospital a patient might visit. Such lack of information could be life threatening!

Ensure interoperability between clinical software 

So how do we ensure interoperability that would allow disparate healthcare applications to share patient information and 'talk' to each other? Use HL7 to ensures interoperability.

What is  HL7 ?

 HL7 is 'The' international recognized messaging standard that enables   healthcare applications to share patient information and 'talk' to each other. HL7 is a  worldwide leader in interoperability standards. A mature ANSI approved standard, it is more than 20 years old, with members in more than 55 countries around the world.

Demand for HL7 enabled applications

There is a large demand for HL7 enabled applications, HL7 implementations and HL7 trained manpower the world over, especially in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe, to quote a few.  The demand comes from hospitals, Healthcare IT companies, consultants and independent project implementers.

Individual perspective:

Training in HL7 would be a strong career path for a variety of individuals ranging from doctors, paramedics to analysts to programmers to marketing and sales staff. An International  certification in HL7 could lead to an increase in one's pay packet or better job prospects at  top IT companies or hospitals. Though most career paths could be long and time consuming an average individual with an eagerness to learn could join a 3 day workshop followed by sitting in an internationally recognized HL7 certification exam to  become HL7 certified. All this could happen in  as less as  2 months!

 Corporate Perspective:

Building a HL7 trained and certified team would open up a large number of opportunities in the international market to a progressive healthcare IT Company.  Further, International HL7 certification of the corporate's team and an organizational HL7 membership would do wonders for the image and marketing prospects of the said corporate.  And all of this could be accomplished in as less as 2 months and with minimal expenditure.

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